6 Skin problems that come with “hot weather”

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Into the summer again Plus, intense sunlight can cause us to cause skin problems too, so hurry and prepare for it today for beautiful, healthy skin for a long time.

1. Skin burns from sunburn

When having to stay in the sun for a long time May cause skin burns or sunburns, sunburn, swelling, redness, blistering should be moisturized skin. Bose than Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) because it has properties that help relieve symptoms better. And keeps the skin cool. But if it doesn’t get better, you should see a doctor. In order to continue to maintain properly https://ufabet999.com.

2. Symptoms of a rash

Caused by extreme heat Resulting in a lot of sweating It causes inflamed and irritated hair follicles and therefore should be avoided in the hot sun. Or wear light, airy clothes to transfer heat. Try not to scratch, as the itching can spread.

3. The skin is dull and not bright.

Because it is a clear season Causing light or UV rays to fall with a greater concentration Should avoid exposure to direct sunlight. And should apply sunscreen regularly To prevent dull skin problems, the ” SPF30″ and ” PA +++” values ​​are considered UV protection. It is internationally recognized that can prevent sunburn from UVB rays, unlike SPF 50 only 1%.

4. A lot of sweating, oily skin, acne

Hot weather causes the skin to release more oil. As well as other impurities Thus causing acne easily Should wash your face thoroughly. But should not wash too often Because it will make the face dry And even more stimulating the skin to produce more oil Should switch to a skin care product. “Gel or lotion” instead because it contains more water than oil. Makes it feel light, not greasy, does not add oil on the face.

5. Problems with dry, dehydrated skin

This is because water is two-thirds of the body’s essential ingredients, especially during the hot summer months. The body loses a lot of sweat. If you drink too little water It will make the skin dry, dull and oily on the face as well. It is therefore advised to sip about 2 liters of water a day to help maintain balance in the body. Make your skin glow

6. enlarged pores

Even in the summer The pores are even more enlarged. To cool the heat out Should take care of the facial skin to be in a balance. By providing moisture And have a natural oiliness Avoid using harsh chemicals that hurt your skin.