Large pores, how to make up?

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Large pores, how to make up. In addition to skin care to tighten the pores Makeup is another way to help camouflage your pores to look smaller. With the following trick.

  • Use a primer to smooth the surface – The primer acts to smooth the surface of the face. Helps fill and blur pores to look smaller. It’s like using a filter on your face. Just use a primer in the amount of no more than 1 soybean. Point 5 points all over the face, focusing on the nose and cheek area. Where the pores are clearly enlarged, then smooth it out.
  • Apply a matte foundation because the dewey foundation will only accentuate the appearance of pores. So choosing a matte foundation that can control oil will help your skin be more beautiful. By pointing the foundation on the face at all 5 points and spreading it over the face with a brush or sponge. Gradually point it in small increments and add it to the area that needs to be covere. So that it won’t look as thick as a cake ยูฟ่าเบท
  • Point concealer on specific spots – if there are various marks or dark spots on the face that need to be concealed more. Point concealer to specific areas. Will not clog pores too much After daubing the concealer and spreading it with a sponge again. for smoothness and lightness look natural
  • Brush the face with translucent loose powder – to help set the foundation in place. Without changing the color of the foundation Will make the skin look smoother. Method is to use a brush dipped in the powder. Knock off excess flour. then sweep over the face Wait a few minutes for the powder to set. Then lightly blot your face with a paper towel to let the excess makeup come off.
  • Use a matte blush – just like foundation. A shimmery, shimmery blush that draws attention to the pores. Emphasize to look wider. Therefore a matte blush is a better choice by applying lightly to the cheekbones and cheeks. to make the skin look beautiful
  • Spray your skin with a setting spray – if you want your makeup to last all day long without the oiliness that bothers you. After the makeup is done, spray the skin with setting spray about 4-6 times in a T-shape and the X-shape will fit all over the face. Then leave it to dry. The spray will help lock the makeup up all day long.

          When the skin is beautiful and smooth Wherever you go or do whatever you want, be confident. So women should pay attention to both skin care and makeup techniques. It will be more beautiful and perfect.