Barcelona has given up hope of buying Joao Cancelo.

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Barcelona are having trouble buying Joao Cancelo, the Portuguese national team right-back. And this may cause Manchester City to consider selling to a club that is ready.

Barcelona does not have the financial ability to buy out Cancelo. When his loan expires at the end of this season. And can only make another loan offer in the 2024-25 season. Which is impossible for Manchester City to accept. Barcelona had to work until the last minute before the board approved Cancelo’s loan move last summer. And can register with La Liga.

But the difficulty will be double if they hope to retain the 29-year-old right-back next season. At this time, Manchester City is preparing to consider offers from Saudi Arabian clubs. Including Premier League team Arsenal. With the ability to buy out Cancelo, the current price is expect to be around 50 million euros or less. This is a number that Barcelona does not have the ability to compete. With Meanwhile, Cancelo’s chance of returning to the Manchester City shirt has disappeared. After a recent series of interviews in which players attacked Pep Guardiola and the club. It was confirme that they would not return to the Etihad Stadium either.

Barcelona are starting to give up hope of signing Joao Cancelo due to financial problems. Which could lead to Manchester City selling him to a team in Saudi Arabia.

สมัคร ufabet that Barcelona are starting to lose hope in buying right-back Joao Cancelo on loan. Due to financial problems, which may cause Manchester City to sell to a team in Saudi Arabia.

by Barca, which has been experiencing financial problems for several seasons Still can’t find a solution to this matter. And it may result in them being unable to buy out Cancelo, whose loan contract will expire this summer.

The only possible option for Barca is to make another loan offer. But it is difficult for to respond as they prefer to sell players from the team due to problems with Pep Guardiola.

Manchester City may consider accepting an offer from Saudi Arabia. Who can spend a large sum of money or Arsenal. It is estimat that Cancelo’s value is currently around 50 million euros or less.