Mikel Arteta sees Kai Havertz as a secret weapon, giving Arsenal a shot at winning the championship all the way.

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta praises the hard work of Kai Havertz, a versatile attacker who has emerged as a key player for the team this season. Both believe that they will be a troublemaker in the game against Manchester City (31 March), a direct competitor competing for the league championship.

Kai Havertz moved from Chelsea last summer. During the period of adjusting to a new organization, it was like being a football player selling jokes, content for football fans on social media to tease. 

But entering 2024, Deutsche’s players, especially in the last four league games, have one goal per game and two assists on the scoreboard. As for the name of the German national team, it found the back of the net against France 2-0. 

The 24-year-old fires up wherever he touches him, making Arteta confident that in the game at the Etihad Stadium he will be the secret weapon against City’s defenders. 

He is in good form. Overview of complete work Able to fill a variety of roles across the field. Just wait and UFABET see what kind of game will be use.

Kai Havertz has been heavily criticize in the past for being a poor investment by Arsenal in the summer. Because the players have not been able to show off their good form since moving to play at the Emirates Stadium. Causing fans of Arsenal to begin to be dissatisfie with the German national team star.

However, Kai Havertz gradually began to show his best form. In the last league game, he was the one who scored the winning goal, helping the team defeat Brentford. Then scored another goal in the match, defeating Lens 6-0 in the UEFA Champions League group stage. Group B, advancing to the knockout round as group champions.

As a result, the player has received great praise from football gurus and Arsenal fans. With Arteta admitting that the 24-year-old now has a completely different body language and confidence than before. “He has an impact on the team. His confidence continued to grow. When you have love and desire and respect. Your energy and body language will be better than before. That’s how great he feels right now.”